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Starting in August of 2015, Cartoon Cuts began a year-long campaign with Pencils of Promise. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to build a school in Guatemala.  We have been selling pencils, our staff has had a lemonade stand, and our employees have even donated.

And….now our Cartoon Cuts team is adorned in construction hats!


March was “I Am Building A School” Month!
Who: YOU!
What was it: A month-long donation drive to build a school in Guatemala.
When: This donation drive ended March 31st, however, construction hats and pencils are still available in our salons! 
Where:  Your Local Cartoon Cuts.
How: (2 ways)
1) Kids can still purchase a tike-size construction hat for a $5.00 donation. 
2) Donate on our online donation page.


 Please enjoy some photos of our staff as they enjoyed in the March donation drive!
Sharon – Manager Wellington Green
Maria – Palm Beach Gardens
The Crew at Coral Springs
Pembroke Lakes Mall
Our DOS’s son!
The Crew at Fair Oaks
Sophia – Manager Springfield

Kindest regards,

The Staff of Cartoon Cuts




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