HoloTats at Cartoon Cuts: Watch Ellie Come to Life!

Who doesn’t love temporary tattoos? Here at Cartoon Cuts, we know how fun it is to peel back the paper and see the bright design of that new tattoo. But, what if a tattoo did more than just look cool? What if your tattoo could come to life? Well, thanks to HoloTats, now they do!

Oh, you haven’t heard about HoloTats? Well, let’s fix that!

HoloTats are not only fun temporary tattoos, but also magical friends that you can play with on any digital device.

To use your HoloTat, you must first download the FREE app from either the App Store or Google Play. Then, apply your tattoo to your skin as directed on the back of the tattoo paper. Finally, sit back and watch as your cool new friend springs to life through the eyes of your mobile device!

HoloTats & Augmented Reality-

This neat trick happens through the cutting-edge technology of “augmented reality”.  Similar to Pokémon Go or Snapchat, the magical friends seem to exist in reality, but can only be seen through the window of your device screen.

The augmented reality tattoo figures start their fun animations by jumping into view, then continuing to move around or dance on-screen, complete with sound effects. You can even take photos or videos of the animations to see again later!

With each service at one of our salons, customers will get a FREE exclusive Ellie the Elephant tattoo to start their collection! We also offer a 6-pack of Magical Friends tattoos at all of our salons, which includes Flutter the butterfly, Horace the Boar, and Bubbles the Fish.

This unique Ellie tattoo even shoots water out of her trunk and has her own set of sound effects! Kids and parents alike can be among the first to pose with Ellie to get some “unreal” shots for your social media, using #CartoonCuts!

Cartoon Cuts HoloTat

Mixing and matching your tattoos will multiply the fun! Why settle for one friend at a time, when you can apply two different friends or more to your arm at once?

So come visit us at Cartoon Cuts and show off your creativity with your very own HoloTats!

Ellie 3D HoloTat    Little Girl With Cartoon Cuts HoloTat    Little Boy with 3D Ellie

3 Easy Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Have you ever noticed how just one too many dips in the pool or ocean can leave your hair dry and unmanageable? Well, we here at Cartoon Cuts certainly have, and now we want to share our keys to getting your soft, bouncy hair back! Here are 3 summer hair care tips for swimmers:


The ocean’s salt draws moisture out of your hair and pool water contains lots of hair-stripping chemicals, meaning that your hair is pretty “thirsty” after a dip in the water. To quench this thirst, apply a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner often. At our kids’ hair salons, we love to use So Cozy’s line of swim products, which are specially formulated for this purpose! Their 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash moisturizes and cleanses hair in two ways:

  1. Fighting the chlorine remnants, so you don’t have to!
  2. Leaving your hair even softer and healthier than it was before.

So Cozy 3 in 1- Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Get Protective!

The best way to stop your hair from facing these issues is to protect your hair before even getting in the water! Applying a product that can block most of the water from being absorbed removes half of the problem. So Cozy’s Leave-In Treatment + Detangler protects your hair from pool chemicals, saltwater, and the sun, saving it from future damage!

Leave In- Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Trim it up!

Here at Cartoon Cuts, we firmly believe that a regular haircut not only gives you the chance to change up your look but also keeps hair fresh and healthy. Hair is even further damaged during the summer when already dead ends combine with harsh pool water, saltwater, and sun rays.

Keeping these 3 summer hair care tips for swimmers in mind as you and your family can have fun AND healthy hair all summer long! So come visit us at Cartoon Cuts, where our goal is to keep your hair fresh, healthy, and moisturized!

Like these hair care tips for swimmers? Come in and grab your So Cozy product today!

So Cozy Splash Promo- 3 Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Cartoon Cuts Helps Ellie’s Hats Crush Childhood Cancer!

Kindergarten is supposed to be all about letters and numbers and shapes and story time and dress up…unless, you are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a couple of months before kindergarten begins.

Ellie arrived at Woodburn Elementary in 2013, with her winning smile, ready for her first day of kindergarten. Sadly, by that time the cancer treatments had caused most of her hair to fall out.  She was a resourceful kind of girl, so she found a couple of fun and cheery hats, and she made that, her “look”.


Her teacher, Jay Coakley was inspired.  He held a hat drive to provide Ellie with more hat choices.  He used the power of social media to spread the word, and soon, hats were pouring in from across the country.  Since 2013, Ellie’s Hats has provided hats to thousands of kids with cancer.

In July 2015, Ellie finished her treatments.  As her hair began to grow back, she wanted a stylish haircut.  A visit to Cartoon Cuts was just what the doctor ordered!  Ellie has become a frequent Cartoon Cuts visitor, and she stopped in last week to get a haircut and a photo with her friend, “Ellie, the Elephant.”

Ellie @ Cartoon Cuts

“Hearing her story was so inspiring, and we wanted to help Ellie help others,” said Kathleen Perkal, Founder of Cartoon Cuts. “We are partnering with Ellie’s Hats to raise funds to support families battling childhood cancer.”

Throughout the month of February, customers will have the opportunity to “buy” a paper hat for $1.00 for their children to color and hang in the salons.  The proceeds will be donated to Ellie’s Hats to provide assistance for families battling childhood cancer.

Ellie’s former teacher, Coakley is the Founder of Ellie’s Hats.  He is “so excited to partner with Cartoon Cuts to bring joy to families during such a difficult time.”

Ellie's Hats With Logo copy

Tips for Lice Prevention

Any mention of the word lice is sure to give every parent a case of the heebie-jeebies—with good reason! Once those pesky critters have entered your home, it’s hard to get rid of them. The best way to combat lice is to do everything you can to prevent your child from getting them. Here are our 5 best tips for lice prevention:

5 Ways to Prevent Lice

Use a lice prevention product-

Use great products like the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel line. Instead of treating lice these products will help to stop the infestation before it even happens. This line uses a blend of natural ingredients, such as citronella, rosemary and tea tree oil, to repel lice while detangling and conditioning.

BONUS: The Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray is 20% off this month in all of our salons! It’s a quick and easy step for fighting off lice.


Teach Children good prevention habits

Lice don’t fly and can only spread through head to head contact or sharing things like hats and brushes. Teach your children good habits like not sharing objects that touch their hair with friends and to avoid any head to head contact while playing.


Do routine checks

It’s important to do regular checks for lice and nits throughout the school year. Catching lice early can make treatment much easier. Do a comb through with a lice comb to check for the presence of any nits at least once a week.


Keep Hair Tied Up

5 Tips for Lice Prevention

The less opportunity for lice to grab onto your child’s hair the better. Keeping longer hair tied up in a bun or ponytail can help to stop lice from latching onto any strands. Even braids can help keep hair away from the critters.


Lice like Clean Hair

Lice prefer to attach themselves to clean strands of hair. We’re not saying to skip bath time all together, but even adding a bit of product like gel or hairspray can make your child’s hair less appealing to lice.


Taking these precautions should greatly reduce your child’s risk of getting lice. Be sure to check out our lice 101 guide for even more great lice prevention info. Come into our salon and check out our great lice prevention products today!

Cartoon Cuts Palm Beach Wins Gold Daisy Award

The Gold Daisy Award  is an annual award given out by the voters of Macaroni Kids. Thousands of votes were cast and the results of the 2015-2016 Palm Beach Gardens-Jupiter and West Palm Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Awards have been tallied and the votes are in!
We are pleased to share with our clients that Cartoon Cuts is the winner of the Gold Daisy Award in the Best Kid’s Haircut category as voted on by Macaroni Kids PBG-Jupiter and West Palm Readers!
We hope to see you soon at Downtown at the Gardens Cartoon Cuts in Palm Beach! Come by and meet our talented staff that gave their expert talents that won them this award. Way to go Palm Beach!
Read all about this distinctive honor here!

Founder of Cartoon Cuts, Kathleen Perkal, Quoted in Washington Post on How to Prepare for Haircuts When Your Child Has Special Needs

“We have stylists who have knelt down in the waiting room, in front of a television, when the children were too afraid to move to the styling chair,” said Kathleen Perkal, founder of Cartoon Cuts. “We have stylists who allow the kids to come in and sit and talk for a few minutes, without getting a service, just to help build a level of comfort in the salon.  It takes a blend of patience and tranquility to make it work, but my staff tells me about kids who have been coming to them for 20 years or more.”


Read the very helpful article in its entirety here

fun n’ easy halloween hair

Cat Ears

halloween cat hair

What you’ll need: ponytails, bobby pins, black pipe cleaners (2)

  1. Part the hair down the middle.
  2. Take the two front sections and make two ponytails.
  3. Braid each ponytail with a pipe cleaner, to make the braids stick straight up.
  4. Use bobby pins to form the shape of cat ears.

Bug Head

bug hair

What you’ll need: green colored hair spray, toy bugs, super glue or hot glue gun, metal clips

  1. Make bug clips using toy bugs and plain metal clips. Use a hot glue gun or super glue to stick the bugs to the clips – let dry.
  2. Spray hair totally green using colored hair spray.
  3. Clip the bugs into the hair.





Pencils of Promise Guatemala May 2011

Back to school…

For most of us, it means new shoes, school supplies and a fabulous new haircut!

But, what if you lived in Guatemala, or Ghana, or Laos…and your child had no access to a quality education?

At Cartoon Cuts, our journey to help children began with a question. There was a small boy begging, in the streets of India. He was approached by college student, Adam Braun, who asked,

“What do you want most in the world?”

He replied, “A pencil.”   PoP logo - Yellow (2)

Adam reached into his backpack, handed him a pencil, and watched as a wave of possibility washed over him.

This is the story of Pencils of Promise (PoP), a for-purpose organization that builds schools and provides educational opportunities in the developing world. At Cartoon Cuts, we believe that every child has the basic right to education. So, we asked PoP…how could we help?

We could build a school. In Guatemala. Our kids helping other kids.

The goal is $25,000. The reward is HUGE.

So…let’s kick it off with a Scavenger Hunt (Race for the Case!)

The Cartoon Cuts/Pencils of Promise initiative will commence on Thursday, August 6, 2015.

260 pencil cases filled with pencils, combs, free haircut cards and other freebies will be hidden around each shopping center where we have Cartoon Cuts salons–13 locations (20 cases will be hidden at each salon shopping center). Clues will be given out via social media, and the winners will be announced on the company’s website. The pencil case winners will share their experience on social media using the #RaceForThecase, and Cartoon Cuts will donate $1.00 for each social media post.

In addition, during the busy back-to-school month of August, Cartoon Cuts customers will be able to purchase pencils for $1.00 each–the proceeds of which will go toward building the new school.

Can’t make it on August 6th? We will be collecting donations on our Pencils of Promise donation page here. Thank you in advance for your support in helping us build a school in Guatemala!

great summer hair isn’t just a fairytale

Sun, sand, and swimming, could only mean one thing….. SUMMER!

While we can’t wait to embrace the rays, our hair doesn’t quite feel the same way.  Hair can take quite the beating during our summertime shenanigans.  Thankfully we have the solution to turn those hair nightmares into a Fairy Tale.

Fairy Tales has an array of products to handle those KNOT so fun hair hassles.

Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo

This product is ideal for those little swimmers and beach bums.  Orange, grapefruit, and lemon extract gently cleanse damaged hair.  It removes chlorine and salt water that your hair holds on to, long after you’ve left the water.  This shampoo not only cleans hair, but restores softness to hair with vitamins and minerals.

Fairy Tales Lemon-Aid Conditioner

This conditioner has all the good stuff!  Leave the sea salts, minerals, and hard water deposits behind.  Lemon-Aid is full of Aloe, Vitamins E and B, that will have hair shining like the sun.  Oh, and that terrifying green tint from swimming? No worries, this conditioner already has it taken care of!

Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Spray

We’ve talked a lot about repairing hair, but we can also help prevent dry, brittle and sun damaged hair.  Coco Cabana Spray is a no brainer. Spray before to prevent damage, or after to moisturize and free those tangles! Containing coconut oil, almond oil, and banana extracts, this spray screams summer!

Fairy Tales Bug Bandit Repellant

Ah summer, the perfect opportunity to say hello to the outdoors and sadly bugs!  Bug Bandit Repellant is an all-natural, non-toxic, pesticide free formula that helps to repel all sorts of creepy crawlers.  Mosquitoes, flies, fleas, gnats and others won’t stand a chance!

All Fairy Tale products are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. With Fairy Tales hair, you and your kids can enjoy summer without a care!

cindy lou who

Holiday Hair

Items you will need:

Hair Bands

Bobby Pins

Red Hair Bow

Plastic cup

Hairspray (not pictured)

Curling Iron (not pictured)

kids hair, girls hairstyles, holiday hairstyles, braids, toddler boys hair, hairspray, toddler girls hair, cindy lou who, the grinch

1. Separate hair into three sections (crown of head and then parted in back center like in the picture).

kids hair, girls hairstyles, holiday hairstyles, braids, toddler boys hair, hairspray, toddler girls hair, cindy lou who, the grinch 2. Braid two small braids with the two bottom sections. Make sure they are coming down the front of the head, not the back.

3. Now, in the center of hair on the top of head, place the plastic cup.

4. Pull all of the hair up and around the plastic cup so that you don’t see it. You want the cup to be hidden. Tie the hair in a band on top of the plastic cup.

kids hair, girls hairstyles, holiday hairstyles, braids, toddler boys hair, hairspray, toddler girls hair, cindy lou who, the grinch

5. Depending on how long the hair is, you may be able to just put in another hair band OR you will have to fold it over and put in 2 hair bands. You want the hair to be sticking up

6. Curl the top of the hair that is sticking out of the pony tail. You will want to curl it under.

7. Use your bobby pins to pin the braids up.

kids hair, girls hairstyles, holiday hairstyles, braids, toddler boys hair, hairspray, toddler girls hair, cindy lou who, the grinch

8. Don’t forget your Red Bow and LOTS of hairspray!

kids hair, girls hairstyles, holiday hairstyles, braids, toddler boys hair, hairspray, toddler girls hair, cindy lou who, the grinch