malibu healthy scalp treatment



malibu scalp therapy treatment – kids itchy scalp and dandruff treatment. the ultimate flake fighter that naturally soothes and satisfies while instantly delivering vital nutrients to scalp to help relieve symptoms associated with common scalp conditions, such as itchy scalp and dandruff. $5.99 when added to a haircut, elephant wash, or blow dry service.




rave reviews

“my son was always itching his head and complaining about irritation, i felt hopeless that i couldn’t find anything to help. i didn’t know how to treat dandruff in kids. when his stylist suggested the scalp therapy treatment i was thrilled. the results were even better, no more itchy scalp!”   tanya o. – bethesda, md

“i couldn’t stand the white flakes my daughter would get from dry skin. the scalp therapy treatment helped dramatically, and i bought the shampoo and conditioner to keep up with the therapy at home. now we come back for the treatment once a month, and no more flaky skin!”   jennifer g. – palm beach, fl