handling hairy situations by guest blogger cozy friedman

After 20 years of owning a children’s salon, I’ve seen every kind of “hairy” situation—and plenty of parents who simply need a few simple skills (and the right products) to turn things around. Here’s a breakdown of three common hairy situations and how to get out of them like a pro:

Out of Control Frizz: Kids with naturally curly or wavy hair often have a halo of frizz, which seems to be endearing only to grandparents. Believe it or not, you can quickly eliminate frizz from your life with a few simple tips.

  • Cut down on washing and allow natural oils to build up and help combat frizz naturally. Three to four days in between washes is about right, depending on activity level.
  • Leave a little bit of quality hydrating conditioner in hair after you wash. This will keep hair moisturized and frizz free. We recommend SoCozy Super Hydrating Conditioner – simply the best! Moms, try it yourself.
  • A leave-in conditioner applied to damp hair will also help combat frizz on non-wash days. SoCozy Detangler + Leave In Conditioner works perfectly.
  • Ditch the hairbrush. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to comb through hair while it’s still wet, then allow to air dry or use a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer.
  • Styling products like SoCozy Styling Cream or Styling Gel applied to damp hair offer definition to curls and a natural shine.

Flat Flyaways: Thin, flat hair offers its own challenges, with staticky flyaways and lifeless shape. You can easily infuse life and shape to hair with these tricks:

  • Start with the right cut. Consult with your Cartoon Cuts stylist to find a cut that works best with your child’s hair type and face shape. Layers can help create volume and texture.
  • Use a quality shampoo and conditioner like SoCozy 2in1 or 3in1 but only wash hair every few days.
  • Apply a styling product like SoCozy Styling Mousse Medium Hold to damp hair, working from root to tip, then blow dry for volume and shine.
  • During cold winter months when static flyaways are at their worst, apply a pea-sized amount of SoCozy Styling Cream Soft Hold to dry hair to keep hair grounded.

Lice: The word alone is enough to make a parent shudder. Head lice are a common problem among children ages 5 to 12 simply because of the way they play, but you can avoid the situation altogether with some simple precautions.

  • Don’t wash your child’s hair every day. Buildup of natural oils on the hair shaft makes it harder for lice to attach.
  • Choose tea tree oil-based products like SoCozy Lice Prevention Shampoo and Spray. These are natural and safe for children of all ages, and smell great too. Use shampoo every other day, and use spray regularly on hair, pillowcases, hoods and hats.
  • Teach your kids to avoid sharing hats, scarves, hair accessories, brushes or combs with friends, even when playing dress up.
  • Regularly clean items your child’s head frequently touches, like pillows, sleeping bags, car seats, and headphones.

Of course, you can check out all my expert advice on my website or in my book, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair. Knowledge is power, so read up and soon there won’t be a hairy situation you can’t handle!





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